If you are a homeowner or landlord, a Lease Purchase offers a friendly way of selling your property over time for top dollar. There are no commissions, no fees and none of the landlording hassles.

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Lease Purchase Advantages for HOMEOWNERS & LANDLORDS

You can cash out of your property without paying Realtor’s commissions, management fees or closing costs.
You have peace of mind knowing that your exit strategy is handled today, while still retaining all of the tax advantages of ownership until your property is purchased.
You don’t pay for advertising or marketing costs.
You avoid the hassle of trying to sell the property yourself and attempting to manage a house filled with strangers peering into your bedrooms and bathrooms.
There’s no haggling. You don’t have to deal with investors who want you to accept a cash offer at 30% below market value.
Your property is securely leased by tenant/buyers rather than tenants. They treat your property as if it’s their own, because one day it will be.
You have no landlording and are maintenance-free. The tenant/buyers are responsible for all maintenance and repairs.
Your check arrives promptly on or before the first day of every month, which means you don’t have rent collection problems.
Your payments are guaranteed. Even if your property should become vacant during the course of the lease, you still receive timely payments as specified in my agreement with you.


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