Residential real estate and the lease purchase advantage in the greater Sedona, Arizona area.

Downward pressure on housing prices will continue throughout 2011. If you're serious about selling your home in this economy, slash the price to get in front of the crisis. Otherwise, you'll end up following the market down and get even less for your property, if it sells at all.

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"I will lease your property NOW and buy it next year for full market value — without real estate commissions or management fees."

Dan Turner
Lease Purchase Specialist
Freedom Creek LLC

Homeowners, Landlords, Investors: Get your Sedona/Verde Valley Arizona property under contract in days without a realtor. Get immediate, dependable monthly cash flow, retain all ownership and tax advantages, and receive full market price at the end of the lease.

Freedom Creek LLC is a property investment and management company — not a real estate agency or brokerage firm. There are no fees or commissions to sellers for our services.

With a Lease Purchase you can lock in tomorrow's price today, stop worrying about what you're going to do about the house and get on with the rest of your life. Contact me today!

Do you need to sell but can't afford to pay realtor commissions and closing costs? Keep that money in your pocket with a Lease Purchase.

• Prepayment Penalties?
• No Time for Landlording?
• Out of Town Property?
• Waiting to Settle Estate?
• Unsuccessful Listing?
• Paying Two Mortgages?
• Bad Tenants?
• Relocating?
• Retirement?
• Divorce?

Landlords: I can save you thousands of dollars in lost rent and unnecessary evictions by setting up a Lease Purchase for you.

Get the most out of your Sedona/Verde Valley real estate investment. Contact me today.



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